Qintesi is Google Cloud Partner: within its value proposition, it offers the best solutions for integrating services and applications on Google Cloud Platform.
Qintesi is able to support its Clients in the Digital Transformation, taking advantage of all the benefits of the Cloud.

Qintesi has joined the Partner Advantage program, undertaking a path of specialization and certification, which has the ultimate goal of transferring more and more value thanks to the Data Analytics, Machine Learning, replatforming and Cloud Migration solutions.

Scope and Skills

In a context in which awareness that the analysis of Big Data is a fundamental tool for the development and growth of its business volume continues to spread, an increasing number of organizations decide to direct new investments that go, based on the level of maturity reached, from the implementation of an architecture capable of managing the data to be analysed, to experimentations of analysis models of increasing complexity, and even to the change of processes in a data-driven perspective.

In this scenario, it is essential to be able to offer fast-to-create solutions, with contained costs and able to grow and adapt to the continuous evolution of the analysis requirements.

A Cloud data platform, such as the one offered by Google, is definitely the best way to achieve these goals.
Based on the Clients’ needs, we design and build application architectures by selecting the most suitable components and services, among those available on the Google Cloud Platform, integrating them, if necessary, with Open Source code and components.

In order to combine speed of execution and high quality, even in the face of frequently evolving requests, in our projects we prefer an Agile approach, using DevOps tools such as the automation of infrastructure activities (IaC), of tests and releases (CI/CD). Thanks to the Data Vault modeling technology, the data model is also designed so that it can easily incorporate integrations of new data sources and/or the management of new information within already integrated data sources.

Our skills
  • Design and implementation of traditional data warehouse, data lake and hybrid data infrastructures that integrate both (“Hybrid Data Warehouse”)
  • Cloud migration of on-premise data warehouse
  • Design and implementation of high-performance data models for managing large and constantly evolving data volumes, coming from structured and unstructured sources (alternating denormalized data models such as multidimensional ones with hybrid data models such as data vaults)
  • Design and implementation of ETL and/or ELT with integration processes with integration of heterogeneous data sources, management of “data quality” and “data profiling”
  • Definition of integrated systems for the harmonization of data collected by sensors and other equipment (IoT)
  • Consultancy in the optimization of costs and performance


  • Cloud Storage
  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Bigtable
  • Cloud SQL
  • Cloud Dataflow
  • Cloud Dataproc
  • Cloud Pub/Sub
  • Cloud Functions
  • Cloud Composer
  • Data Catalog
  • Cloud Data Loss Prevention
  • Cloud monitoring & logging
  • Terraform
  • GitHub
  • Cloud Key Management
  • Cloud Source Repository
  • Cloud Build
Scope and skills

To remain competitive in the era of Big Data, innovation is essential. Many large companies already use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform the massive volume of data available to them into an asset: predictive analysis to support decision-making processes, customer support, optimization of marketing strategies and much more.

Google offers tools specifically designed for Big Data, IoT, AI and distributed computing. Thanks to a dedicated team with a strong mathematical and statistical background, we are able to take full advantage of these tools to offer our clients innovative approaches to Big Data management and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Our skills
  • Support in choosing the models that best suit the client’s needs
  • Integration of models into the most common business processes
  • Use of hidden patterns to draw unique models that make full use of the specificity of the available data
  • Design and construction of continuous autonomous training pipelines to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the model
  • Adoption of the MLOps paradigm to efficiently manage the production cycle in the Machine Learning area
  • Use of the most suitable Articial Intelligence technology: Deep Learning, Reinforcement, Learning, Generative Models etc.
  • Design and implementation of cutting-edge artificial intelligence models, up to date with the latest developments in the AI community
  • Google AI Platform
  • Cloud AutoML
  • BigQuery ML
  • Tensorflow 2.0

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  • The Qintesi team, a Google partner, is able to provide its Clients with a “turnkey” service to transfer the SAP platform from “on premise”” to “cloud” by combining the infrastructure configuration on Google Cloud Platform with the “lift & shift” activities of SAP applications.
  • We were the first in Italy to migrate an entire SAP Landscape on Google Platform for an important Client. We have the experience, expertise and the “know how” of several projects already “live” to better support Clients in projects of innovation of their technological platform.
  • Qintesi invests with its LABs of innovation in the knowledge and development of solutions that integrate “in memory” SAP HANA technology with artificial intelligence, Big Data management and open connectivity software of the Google Cloud Platform in order to provide its Clients with the ability to process large volumes of data, versatility, flexibility and continuous innovation at sustainable costs over time.
  • Thanks to the use of infrastructure-as-a-code tools such as terraform we are able to quickly and in a controlled manner create all the necessary resources (network, storage, vm), both in the primary datacenter and in the execution of disaster scenarios recovery.

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From the initial assessment to the roadmap definition, from the design of the solution to the performance optimization: we provide our Clients with everything they need to succeed in their journey to the cloud.


We are able to migrate the Clients’ servers and their contents using the “lift and shift” strategy. Thanks to automatic hardware updates, moving VMs to the cloud avoids highly technical update cycles with economic impact.


Our team of experts will ensure the transition of data to the cloud by moving databases in total security: in this way you will be able to run and manage your applications on a global scale while optimizing efficiency and flexibility.


We help the Client to run their applications with the highest level of performance and reliability through the use of Google tools such as Compute Engine, Cloud Storage for cross-region backup management and Google Virtual Private Cloud as a network solution.

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