Financial Services

Groups and companies operating in the insurance sector can count on a partner capable of supporting the administrative processes and requirements of regulatory bodies with technological solutions designed specifically for this sector: for over twenty years Qintesi has been proposing itself as a specialized partner for the insurance market, offering SAP solutions to important market players, starting with the main international insurance groups, which are leaders in Italy.


Qintesi is the strategic partner to help Insurance Companies to face the challenges caused by changes in the scenario and market and accompanies them in the application of innovative solutions. In fact, it has developed specific skills capable of supporting a very complex sector in terms of rules and business process management.


There is an increase, year after year, in Qintesi customer references and the company’s presence in the insurance sector is constantly increasing. Taking premium income as a reference, Qintesi now serves groups and companies that, together, cover over 70% of the Italian market, counting among its customers almost all of the top ten Insurance Groups present in our territory that adopt SAP as an information system, together with medium and small customers, guaranteeing everyone the same attention and professionalism.


Being aware that the next challenges of the sector will be played in the context of competition on sales channels, on new products and services to customers and on technological innovation, Qintesi is moving consistently, expanding the catalog of services offered to customers and directing their own efforts and investments.


Qintesi has also acquired specific skills in the sector, demonstrated by the acquisition of the important “SAP Recognized Expertise” recognition in the Insurance Industry, which ascertains the excellence demonstrated in the sector and the ability of our consultants to help companies stand out in the market and increase their competitiveness.

Success stories