Professional Services

Never before has technological advancement offered greater opportunities for innovation for the professional services sector and the pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation and smart working.


Internally, companies must find new organizational models based on flexibility, autonomy and work by objectives.

Externally, companies increasingly require the ability to manage large change projects with multidisciplinary skills, program management skills on complex orders and delivery capabilities with turnkey solutions.


Project-delivery will be more accurate and efficient and data-driven. Customer involvement will grow substantially thanks to the new collaboration tools. Sharing data in real time will simplify and improve performance monitoring. Business Intelligence will provide comprehensive reports on various project metrics that will allow for resource forecasting and planning in advance


Overall, the ever-changing trends will disrupt and change the face of the professional services industry.


Qintesi has also acquired specific skills in the sector, demonstrated by the acquisition of the important “SAP Recognized Expertise” award in the Professional Services Industry, which ascertains the excellence demonstrated in the sector and the ability of our consultants to help companies stand out in the market. and increase their competitiveness.

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