Energy, Utilities & Telco

Speed ​​of response, continuity of service, customer focus, ability to analyze data: these are just some of the challenges that digital transformation imposes on companies in the Energy, Utilities & Telco sector already at the center of public and media attention in relation to the issues of energy transition and sustainability.

Companies that provide public utility services have long undertaken a path of digital transformation and innovation to increase their efficiency and define new operating models. Qintesi and its technological partners have always been at their side with a series of solutions that make industry best practices and the most advanced technologies usable.

Qintesi has in-depth skills and uses a concrete and effective approach, based on tailor-made, extremely focused solutions. The objective, as in the Qintesi tradition, remains to build long-term partnership relationships, based on mutual trust and the search for innovative but targeted solutions.

We have carried out, independently or in partnership with the main market players, important projects for numerous customers, including:

  • Iren S.p.A.
  • Ambiente Energia Brianza S.p.A.


Thanks to the experiences and mastery of new technologies such as Machine Learning and AI, Qintesi today offers its customers advanced features of Predictive Analytics and Process Automation, can support companies in the sector in complex analysis through Advanced Analytics such as the collection and analysis of data from millions of customers with different needs and consumption styles to be satisfied through personalized services.

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