Energy, Utilities & Telco

Speed ​​of response, continuity of service, contact with the customer, ability to analyze data: this is what digital transformation represents for companies in the Energy, Utilities & Telco sector, which today find themselves at the center of attention regarding the issues of energy transition and of sustainability.


Thanks to the experiences and skills developed in Advanced Analytics, Qintesi can support companies in the sector in complex analysis such as the collection and analysis of data from millions of customers with different needs and consumption styles to be met through personalized services.

The companies that provide public utility services have long since embarked on a path of digital transformation and innovation to increase their efficiency and define new operating models. Qintesi and SAP are at their side with a series of solutions that make the best practices in the sector and the most advanced technologies usable, without ever departing from the high road of sustainability.


Qintesi has specific skills and uses a concrete and efficient approach, based on tailor-made, extremely focused solutions. Our goal remains to build long-term partnerships based on trust and innovative offer.

Qintesi has also acquired specific skills in the sector, demonstrated by the acquisition of the important “SAP Recognized Expertise” recognition in the Industry Utilities, which ascertains the excellence demonstrated in the sector and the ability of our consultants to help companies stand out in the market and increase their competitiveness.

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