Supplier portal on SAP Business Technology Platform


The entry into force of the electronic invoicing procedure in Italy has had a strong impact on traditional B2B relationships, prompting companies to make drastic changes. Our client, an important player in the Utilities sector, requested the development of an application capable of improving communication with its suppliers and making the management of incoming invoices and related payments transparent.


We have responded to the customer’s requirements by developing a web portal with secure access even from the outside and compliance guaranteed by our Identity Provider, based on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) which guarantees User-experience and innovation in continuous evolution.

Among the fundamental aspects of development are to be highlighted:

  • A targeted and fast access to your invoices, with the possibility of checking the payment status, any blocks and any billing deltas.
  • The possibility for the supplier to enter useful information to speed up the billing flow.
  • The presence of a dashboard that provides specific KPIs for billing monitoring.
  • Preparation for the integration of chatbots that help quickly identify the status of the invoice.


  • Better collaboration with suppliers thanks to User-friendly technology
  • Greater transparency through the possibility of checking the status of the invoice and / or the reason for blocking the payment
  • More fluid and targeted communication between the customer and his suppliers
  • Smooth and efficient payment flows


The developed portal is to be considered a concrete accelerator for operations and communication between customer and supplier, through user friendly technology that guarantees access security and process transparency.

Anita Valieri
Client Account Senior Manager - Qintesi

The supplier portal was connected to the SAP IAS cloud solution which allowed internal staff to log on using their own domain users, while external users can be connected in complete safety through the self-registration functionality of the SAP IAS cloud service.

Marino Coletta
Client Account Senior Manager - Qintesi

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