Development and implementation of sustainability models

Sustainability for modernly organized companies represents the dominant theme in decision-making choices and in communication to the various Stakeholders, with impacts on the organization of business processes, information flows and supporting applications.

It therefore becomes essential to design an information system for the preparation of a single and integrated ESG reporting, aimed at internal and external communication of economic, social and environmental results, also in light of the recent regulatory requirements introduced by the new European Directive on sustainability (CSRD).

Our ESG proposition is characterized by the implementation of SAP solutions such as, for example, the SAP SCT (Sustainability Control Tower) and is aimed at collecting, processing and using data from SAP and non-SAP applications, offering the possibility of a centralized management of the same, to support the following processes:

  • planning, which allows you to set up a scenario analysis on the ability to achieve the plan objectives and an analysis of the deviations from the ESG KPIs representative of the results achieved
  • operational/management reporting, for monitoring and analyzing ESG KPIs
  • institutional reporting, for the preparation of the Sustainability Report according to the new prescriptions of the CSRD Directive.


The Qintesi offer is completed with the ability to design sustainability models for its customers, divided into the following phases:

  1. interviews and involvement of internal and external Stakeholders
  2. elaboration of the materiality matrix and formalization of the sustainability strategy
  3. definition of governance by identifying the responsible functions
  4. identification of the GRI Standards relevant to the company and definition of the KPIs
  5. analysis of information sources for feeding the KPIs
  6. setting up of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) function, as the structure responsible for implementing the path towards sustainability
  7. support for the implementation of SAP applications
  8. development of operational, managerial and institutional reporting


In the innovative context of Sustainability, it becomes important to make use of a partner like Qintesi capable of reconciling the design and effective adoption of sustainability models, with the technical skills necessary to implement information systems suitable for guaranteeing transparency in internal and external communication.

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