Management & Consulting

Strong technological innovation has created a changing, competitive and complex context in which companies must be able to innovate and evolve.

Qintesi proposes itself as a partner in supporting companies in managing their growth path by following an innovation-oriented operational approach to provide personalized consulting projects that allow customers to adapt to the ever-changing business.

Advisory Services & Compliance

Thanks to the involvement of collaborators with a professional background of an economic-corporate, legal and technical nature, Qintesi aims to support its customers in various projects in the following areas of intervention:

  • Implementation and design of governance models and internal control frameworks aimed at ensuring the implementation of risk management procedures and compliance with EU, national and sector regulations. The adaptation interventions concern:
  • definition and implementation of procedures through the mapping of processes for documentary purposes (BPMN© 2.0) and the conduct of control assessment and support activities for design tests (ToD) and effectiveness of controls (ToE);
  • preparation of RACI matrices and Segregation of Duties (SoD) matrices;
  • implementation of operational models for monitoring the adoption of administrative-accounting, tax procedures and the correct application of control points;
  • design of data governance models and control of data compliance (data quality); 
  • support for the definition of ESG strategies and planning of sustainability models in line with the international GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards.

The service is declined on the following regulatory perimeter: Law 262/2005 (Manager in charge), Legislative Decree 252/2016 (Non-financial report), Regulation 679/2016 GDPR (Data protection), Legislative Decree 231/2001 (Organization and Management Model), Legislative Decree 128/2015 (cooperative tax compliance).

  • Education and management training courses: planning, organization and teaching. Management training for Qintesi represents a significant investment for the innovative company, to keep internal skills up-to-date or for the adoption of advanced management methodologies. Qintesi supports its customers in all the implementation phases of the training course, guarantees high quality standards of the material and tools adopted and makes use of the collaboration of resources with a solid academic background.
  • Design and implementation of agile change management paths, which envisage a multiscenary deep assessment at the organizational, process and systems level involved.

CFO Services

Qintesi boasts many years of experience in the administrative-accounting and management accounting fields and is the ideal partner for its customers in the following areas of intervention:

  • Design of Planning & Control models and related technical-accounting instruments;
  • Redesign and optimization of administrative and accounting processes with a focus on fast closing through the analysis, evaluation and rationalization of transactions, the implementation of accounting manuals and masters, the adaptation of the chart of accounts according to local GAAP and IFRS, the implementation of the closing calendar with detailed definition of processed transactions, times and responsibilities and an accurate analysis of applications and data sources;
  • Design of supply and representation mechanisms for institutional reporting to support the preparation of the financial statements in individual and consolidated form and sector information (e.g. segment reporting in the insurance sector, accounting unbundling in the utilities, telecommunications and transport sectors);
  • Design and implementation of mechanisms for feeding and representing the sustainability report in the social, economic and environmental areas in compliance with the international reference standards, the Italian legislation in force and the evolution of EU legislation (CSRD Directive);
  • Design of models and operating mechanisms for management reporting systems (balanced scorecard), planning, budgeting and forecasting;
  • Design and implementation of advanced models of analytical accounting and cost management also in “activity-based” logic;
  • Design of models and operational mechanisms for managing working capital, credit & debt management;
  • Management of business crises, with particular attention to the implementation of the “new code” in SMEs, in terms of organizational-accounting structures and “alert measures” suitable for bringing out in advance the potential insolvency situation;
  • Temporary management to support SMEs for exceptional or planned turnaround operations or to fill vacant and at the same time critical positions to ensure continuity and reliability of the service.

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