Digital Transformation

Responding to the challenges of the digital economy is a fundamental requirement for maintaining and pursuing growth objectives. As companies develop and follow new business models, IT organizations must take steps to meet new needs to support business processes, changes that at the IT level frequently require integration with a wide and diverse variety of IT applications that generally hinder a significant business transformation.

In Qintesi’s vision, a successful digital transformation strategy requires action at all levels of the IT ecosystem: from infrastructure, to data management and finally to the application layer.

Landscape Transformation & Optimization

Our “mission” is to accompany our Customers in the Digital Transformation process with increasingly flexible and effective IT services aimed at the adoption of new Cloud platforms (Paas and IaaS) capable of reducing complexity, costs and increasing standards of safety.

Our approach is based on proactivity and collaboration with the customer, this makes us the ideal partner to design, implement and manage the evolutionary roadmaps necessary to benefit from continuous technological innovation and keep the service level of business processes high.

SAP Landscape Evolution
New installations, re-platforming, SAP HANA adoption, SAP S/4HANA migration, upgrade of SAP application solutions.

SAP on Google Cloud Platform
Migration and transformation of SAP landscape on GCP.

Cloud Migration
Migration services of virtual machines (VMs), applications, databases.

Data Management, Integration & Automation

Data is the foundation of business processes and, if well managed, represents an important asset in any organization. The definition of adequate data management and integration strategies becomes important especially in contexts that generate high volumes.

Qintesi has the experience and expertise in managing the integration of various SAP and non-SAP application solutions, to develop workflows of any complexity to support business processes and design and implement Master Data Governance systems.

We support our customers in the definition and implementation of Data Aging and Data Archiving strategies to support the entire life cycle of the database.

Data Integration
Integration of information and business processes through process orchestration and integration systems.

Data Governance
Creation and management of Personal Data in a centralized application and distributed automatically and securely in all business applications.

Business Workflow
Increase of productivity and speed of processes through automation governed by Workflow systems.

Data Aging
Management of data history and temperature in order to reduce TCO and ensure adequate levels of performance on current data.

SAP S/4HANA Adoption

Qintesi has many years of experience in implementing SAP solutions and migrating previous releases to SAP S/4HANA.

The numerous certifications attest to the high level of specialization of our consultants and their professionalism in the design and construction of technological infrastructures and high quality application solutions, which allow our customers to concretely benefit from the value of adopting a SAP S/4HANA system. 

Our experts, through dedicated assessment services, support customers in identifying the best approach to migration according to organizational priorities in order to:

  • Provide a clear vision of the target IT landscape;
  • Minimize project costs and risks and the discontinuity of business processes;
  • Evaluate the risks of the implementation phase to avoid costly adaptations in later phases of the project;
  • Safeguard the investments made in customizations and contextualizations;
  • Enable the implementation of new features and the transformation of business processes to pursue the objectives of the organization;
  • Motivate the necessary changes to the landscape as-is to pursue the business objectives;
  • Apply best practices to improve business processes and performance.


Qintesi professionals provide Clients with a complete and effective conversion project which includes:

  • The set-up of the “on premise” or “Cloud” infrastructure;
  • The technical conversion of the environment;
  • The implementation and configuration of new features;
  • Activation of the new SAP FIORI user interface.

The preliminary analysis report for SAP S/4HANA is a tool that allows you to evaluate the risks and main opportunities of a migration to a SAP S/4HANA system

The Preliminary Assessment consists of a guided questionnaire that allows you to collect a set of information divided between technical and functional areas. The main goal is to package a high-level proposition for a migration project to SAP S/4HANA, contextualized in terms of:

  • Sizing of the HANA appliance (valid for both the Cloud and OnPrem solution);
  • Migration scenario suggested according to the strengths and weaknesses of the landscape as-is and the main drivers that can guide towards a specific type of migration.

 The activity does not involve any burden and commitment on the part of the customer and the result will be shared in special analysis meetings with Qintesi process experts.

Qintesi reserves the right not to share the questionnaire with competing companies.


The Qintesi SAP S/4HANA Deep Assessment is an in-depth assessment aimed at a detailed analysis of the migration scenarios from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, which sees as main steps:

  • Verifying if the as-is systems are suitable to support the conversion or require preliminary system interventions;
  • Checking the compatibility of Add-ons, Business Function and Industry Solution present on the as-is system.
  • Using the HANA Readiness Check and Quick Sizer tools to carry out an in-depth analysis of the systems and to define a strategy to be adopted on existing processes and applications;
  • Presenting in a Discovery Workshop detailed SAP S/4HANA functionalities relating to some macro-processes selected by the Customer


What is the real value for the customer?

  • Punctual sizing of the HANA "machine";
  • Analysis and identification of the processes impacted by mandatory changes ";
  • Analysis and identification of relevant SAP Fiori Applications;
  • Analysis and identification of the business roadmap for the processes detected to-be (Discovery Workshop);
  • Recommended approach to migration;
  • SAP S/4HANA Deployment Plan which defines a transformation path that includes a fit gap analysis vs best practice, a comparison between alternative scenarios and the identification of a better match between processes and systems;

If you are interested in this service, please contact us.

Application Modernization

With the migration to SAP S/4HANA, the application scenario in every functional area is enriched with new features, in an end-to-end digital architecture based on a single platform.

The central element is represented by SAP S/4HANA, which is responsible for managing the most significant processes and which can be extended with new features through a series of application solutions mainly of the SaaS type.

In the context of application modernization, Qintesi considers four main areas:

  • Next Generation Processes: new features not present in previous versions of the SAP ERP;
  • New Analytics: analytical applications that provide dashboards for real-time data processing;
  • User Experience: user experience innovation with the replacement of SAP transactions with SAP Fiori apps (UI5, Web);
  • Next Generation Application: applications that leverage the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP or SCP);


Qintesi boasts recognized experience in numerous application contexts and has implemented innovative solutions based on the SAP S/4HANA platform for its customers.

Intelligent Technologies

Technological innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) form the basis of Industry 4.0 and are transforming the world into a huge information system, where the value lies in information.

Digital connectivity is spreading rapidly, smart sensors will soon be everywhere, generating huge data volumes and offering new opportunities to turn information into competitive advantage.

The exponential increase in processing capacity makes it possible to extend the application of AI and ML beyond the use of predictive algorithms to a range of Data Driven applications.

Thanks to the recognized and consolidated experience in the development of data driven applications with SAP BTP or Google GCP, Qintesi is the ideal partner with whom to undertake the challenging digital transformation path.

Qintesi supports the CFO and/or the related IT organizational units by providing its experience in the design and implementation of innovative and effective SAP Finance solutions aimed at meeting managerial needs and regulatory compliance with efficiency, transparency and speed.

Qintesi consultants have an excellent mix of functional and process skills and technical expertise that allows them to fully understand the needs of customers and provide concrete and measurable results in compliance with the expected times. Our team has gained extensive experience in new installation and conversion projects to S/4HANA and, thanks to these experiences, skills, tools and accelerators have been developed to support all conversion activities.

We support our customers in reengineering and innovation projects of finance processes, in the revision and innovation of management control models, in the achievement of Fast Closing and quality objectives in Disclosure through the implementation or adaptation of SAP Finance solutions.

Our consolidated experience gained with customers of all sizes operating on the Italian or multinational market in different business sectors and the methodologies adopted and recognized as "best practices" allow us to be a credible partner for projects of any size and complexity.

Management control
Design and implementation of cost accounting models, cost allocation, project and investment management, profitability analysis.

General and sectional accounting
Design and implementation of SAP Finance solutions and coverage of general and parallel accounting processes, sectional accounting, asset accounting, credit management, electronic invoicing.

SAP Advanced Financial Closing
Iterative planning and management of accounting closing procedures with a view to fast closing.

Disclosure Management
Management and formatting of institutional reporting divided into balance sheets, the sustainability report (ESG) and the integrated report (Legislative Decree 254/2016), the supervisory and statistical forms for the insurance balance sheet, the Solvency disclosure and reporting II / Pillar III (QRT, SFCR / RSR, XBRL reporting for EIOPA), the annual financial report in xHTML format and management of the mandatory ESEF taxonomy (ESMA Regulation).

We design and implement SAP application solutions to support internal control and risk governance models (Law 262/2005, Legislative Decree 231/2001, SOX, etc.), cybersecurity and data protection (GDPR).

GRC Process Control

Implementation of an internal control framework, to conduct tests on the design (TOD) and on the operational effectiveness (TOE) of controls, even in self-assessment mode.

To support process & document management and risk & control assessment activities.

GRC Access Control and Identity Access Governance
Management of the SoD and related access risks and of the role and user provisioning process.

Identity authentication service
Centralized management of the authentication process, single sign-on on the cloud and self-registration of external users.

GRC Risk Management
Identification, management and assessment of business risks, also from an ERM perspective.

Business Integrity Screening

Detection of fraudulent activities in real time through predictive analysis.Enterprise Threat Detection

Identification and prevention of data breach on application systems.

Logging & Masking
Interception of access to critical data and content masking from unauthorized users.

Code Vulnerability Analyzer
Malware identification in SAP custom code, both with ad hoc analysis on the code, and with dynamic analysis.

Information Steward
Management of data governance with centralized supervision of the "data lineage".

Information Lifecycle Management
Governance of the life cycle of corporate information using the data blocking and deletion features in compliance with the GDPR.

Data Privacy Governance
Structured management of the treatment register and of the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

Audit Management
Definition and management of processes and audit plans and addressing to business Owners through workflow.

Tax Compliance
Management of the corporate Tax Control Framework according to the collaborative compliance regime.

Thanks to the experience gained in companies of all sizes and industrial sectors, operating in Italy and abroad, Qintesi provides its Customers with support to guide them in the choices of Digital Experience for all Treasury processes and for activities related to Working Capital.

The high level of expertise on SAP solutions, the knowledge of national and international issues related to financial communications with the various counterparties, in addition to the use of the most innovative design methodologies, are the main key factors to guide the customer in the implementation of a modern Treasury system.

Treasury & Liquidity Management
Treasury models and integrated solutions to monitor financial flows by streamlining the management of low value-added activities, project the time horizon of the Treasurer with an "advance" management of flows, control the work of financial counterparties, have a direct connection with Accounting and have the information system immediately updated.

Innovative solutions for the integration of Corporate Banking systems in compliance with corporate security protocols.

Treasury & Risk Management
Wide range of integrated solutions to ensure total coverage of Position Keeping and Risk Management processes.

Lead to Cash solutions
New solutions based on Artificial Intelligence technology to optimize and automate the entire Order to Cash process.

Qintesi supports customers in the design and implementation of reliable and innovative SAP solutions to support procurement, sales & distribution and plant maintenance.

We have developed skills on real estate management processes using SAP Real Estate, SAP Cloud for Real Estate, SAP Analytics Cloud for Real Estate and the new SAP Intelligent Real Estate (SIRE), on projects of different sizes and in national contexts and international.

Qintesi boasts solid references in the implementation of the SAP RE-Fx solution for the management of the IFRS16 accounting standard which includes the management of leasing contracts, the configuration of the conditions and information necessary for the valuations and the definition of the rules for the automatic registration of accounting records.

Furthermore, Qintesi has consolidated skills on the latest SAP solutions in the Cloud environment: SAP Enterprise Asset Manager (EAM), SAP Intelligent Asset Management (IAM), SAP Predictive Asset Intelligence (PAI), SAP Intelligent Asset Network (IAN), SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management (ASPM), SAP SAP Asset Manager (SAM) and SAP Field Service Management (FSM).

We provide our customers with tools for managing the purchasing and handling processes of goods "on the move" (app on smartphones and tablets).

Procurement & Warehouse Management
Design and implementation of solutions for the management of purchasing processes, goods movement, inventory and warehouse management.

Sales and Distribution
Design and implementation of solutions for the management of shipping, invoicing, sales and transport of a company's products and services.

Automation of maintenance processes with integrated solutions and Digital Transformation projects.

Real Estate Management
Optimization and improvement of the performance of the management of real estate assets and owned and leased plants and configuration of the specific SAP RE-Fx solution for compliance with IFRS 16.

We support customers in the design and implementation of reliable, innovative and integrated SAP solutions to support the planning, programming and control processes of production and inbound and outbound logistic processes.

Qintesi proposes itself as a partner of manufacturing companies that want to implement digital transformation programs and initiatives by adopting the methodologies and precepts of Lean Production and Industry 4.0. Our consultants have gained significant experience in the implementation of projects in various industrial sectors and are able to support customers in all project phases, providing both technological and process consultancy.

Qintesi provides Customers with tools for managing logistics and production processes "on the move" (App on smartphones and tablets).

We have consolidated our skills on the latest SAP solutions in the Digital Manufacturing and IoT fields, proposing ourselves as partners of manufacturing companies that want to implement digital transformation programs and initiatives by adopting the methodologies and precepts of Lean Production and Industry 4.0.

Logistic Management
Design and implementation of solutions for the efficient management of incoming and outgoing logistic flows.

Warehouse Management
Design and implementation of solutions for the optimization of warehouse management.

Quality Management
Implementation of solutions for the management of the qualitative aspects of the product.

Digital Manufacturing
Portfolio of digitalization solutions for the production system.

Production Planning in Discrete and Process Manufacturing
Solutions for the optimization of the crossing times of the production cycle

Industry 4.0
Implementation of innovative projects within the factory.

Implementations of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solutions.

Qintesi offers implementation services of “vertical” SAP solutions for customers belonging to the Insurance sector. We have gained significant experience in the design and implementation of SAP application components to support strategic planning, administrative and financial processes, compliance with regulatory and supervisory requirements, industrial and agency accounting, technical-insurance reporting and analysis of multidimensional profitability.

We provide customers with constant and effective support and innovative and constantly updated solutions with respect to legislative and regulatory developments.

We have developed a "QI Insurance Template" or a "best practice" model based on SAP application solutions to support processes in the Finance and Insurance Business Intelligence field that accelerates the analysis phase, reduces implementation risks, guarantees reliable results at competitive costs.

General Accounting and Budget
General ledger process management with a multi-gaap accounting model.

Technical accounting and "Agency Collection"
Management of detailed movements relating to premiums, claims, reinsurance, reserves and reconciliation of management collections and agency cash sheets with a multidimensional data model.

Adoption of international accounting standards for the management of insurance contracts with the most recent application solutions.

Solvency II
Adaptation of the Disclosure Management system to the evolutions of Solvency II supervision with an auditable and automated solution.

Performance Management

Performance analysis through advanced tools for allocation, simulation, statistical and performance analysis on multidimensional and detailed data models.

Insurance Business Intelligence
Data analysis relating to premium income, claims management, reinsurance, financial flows and agency activities.

Group Closing and Consolidation
Acquisition of the reporting package from the companies of the Group, data normalization, adjustments and additions, adaptation to IFRS accounting principles, consolidation and disclosure automation.

Support for strategic planning, budget and forecast preparation with collaborative tools and structured and automated workflows.

Cash Management
Management of collection and payment operations: directional operations, guarantee cash sheets, analysis of the final and forecast cash flow.

Qintesi offers a wide range of technological and application solutions, tools and methodologies for "data collection" and "information modeling" with the aim of supporting decision-making processes and optimizing the performance of our customers.

We have a team of certified professionals who provide our customers with design and implementation services for traditional Data Warehouses, Data Lake and Big Data Warehouses, traditional Analytics and Business Intelligence applications ("Descriptive Analytics"), and Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics ("Augmented Analytics") in "real time" in order to minimize the distance between data generation, related analysis and consequent actions.

We design "cloud", "on premise" and "hybrid" architectures and create Business Intelligence applications available on every device (desktop, tablet and smartphone) in order to guarantee maximum accessibility to data and information.

We offer our customers consulting and "assessment" services on existing Analytics and Business Intelligence systems and we propose evolutionary solutions to ensure operation with high levels of efficiency and performance or to deal with release upgrades or migrations on innovative platforms such as, for example, SAP BW/4HANA, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and Google BigQuery.

The continuous investment in innovation and training allows Qintesi to maintain several internal Research and Development laboratories, dedicated to the study of the most recent data modeling architectures and techniques, to the exploratory analysis of new technological components, to the creation of prototypes, to development, testing and optimization of machine learning and artificial intelligence models.

SAP Data Platform
Business Intelligence for advanced analysis of operational data even in real time. 

Google Data Platform
Cloud application solutions to support advanced Big Data analytics.

Augmented Analytics
Analytical solutions enhanced by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models created through SAP components.

ML & AI in the Cloud
Innovative approaches to Big Data management and real-time Artificial Intelligence solutions that exploit the processing power of the Cloud.

Governance Business Intelligence, reporting & data discovery
Autonomy and freedom in the analysis and representation of data with the combined and flexible use of traditional business intelligence tools and data discovery with self-service BI, in on-premise, cloud, or hybrid architectures.

Qintesi supports Customers in the design, implementation and running management of applications to support the Planning, Consolidation and Performance Management processes.

Our team integrates skills on consolidation and planning processes gained with professional experience in complex groups with deep expertise in the configuration of SAP application solutions and is able to provide customers with a complete service: from the analysis and definition of the "model", to development, realization of reliable and performing solutions, to support training and updating initiatives of the developed solutions.

We are able to meet the needs of customers through the definition and configuration of detailed data models integrated by appropriate levels of aggregation, the management of parallel versions to analyze and compare actual, budget and forecast data, the creation of simulation scenarios and of "what-if" analysis.

Optimization of the statutory and management consolidation process of actual and forecast data and preparation of the Group's "financial reporting" according to local accounting principles and IFRS.

Management of the Planning and Forecasting process, HR Planning, strategic and periodic Forecasts with a focus on economic, asset and financial management in the short and medium-long term.

Performance Management
Development of advanced and granular multidimensional performance management models with complete and detailed databases able to support business decisions, minimizing costs and maximizing business profitability.

Qintesi helps customers to support and optimize management processes.

The proven experience of our consultants allows us to provide assistance and support services on treasury, controlling, procurement and accounting issues, making processes more efficient and automated with innovative solutions.

The team also manages the Business Process Outsourcing and Back Office activities, specifically all those activities that contribute to corporate operational management, such as general accounting, controlling, treasury, financial analysis, data entry, document and digital archiving, database and personal data management, e-mails and complaints, quality check, closure support, order management.

Cash Management, Liquidity Planning, In House Banking

Receipts and Payments
Payments Life Cycle, Accounting, Reporting

Innovation, Back Office

Accounts payable, General accounting

Qintesi supports customers in the design and development of software solutions to support every business process and systems integration.

IT specialists with great technical skills ensure reliability and excellence in software development and in the proposition of a modern User Experience, with a common approach oriented towards excellence in results and the adoption of methodologies that guarantee the security and quality of the software.

Qintesi has developed high technical skills in the design and implementation on all application components and SAP technology platforms (SAP Netweaver Platform, SAP HANA Platform and SAP Business Technology Platform).

Continuous attention to research and identification of enabling factors for innovation is part of the process of updating the skills of Qintesi consultants. In particular, the high number of certified consultants combined with numerous successful projects has allowed us to achieve the SAP Recognized Expertise User Experience.

The experience gained in the development of Web and Mobile Applications, even of considerable complexity, thanks to the potential of the SAP Business Technology Platform in combination with the Google technological solutions, allows us to provide our customers with the necessary expertise to design and step through a concrete Road Map for Innovation and Digital Transformation.

Design, development and implementation of Software solutions with the appropriate programming languages (ABAP, JAVASCRIPT, SAP UI5, JAVA, etc.) according to SAP best practices.

User Experience & Digital Transformation
Development and configuration of any type of Web and Mobile Application on SAP Business Technology Platform, Google Cloud Platform and On-Premise, with the adoption of methodologies that guarantee security according to OWASP standards.

Cloud Computing
Design and implementation of technological innovation solutions on Cloud platforms (PAAS), in particular on SAP BTP and GCP for data processing, systems integration, artificial intelligence, machine learning and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in a continuous scenario of Business Transformation.

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