Vertical Solutions

The precise needs identified thanks to listening to our customers, which are combined with the commitment to technical research, have allowed us to create packaged ready-to-use solutions, which require limited adaptations and customizations and which offer targeted functionality.


These are the Qintesi Vertical Solutions, application solutions designed and built to meet specific needs.


The SAP RE-Fx Contract and Lease management solution for the management of the IFRS16 accounting standard guarantees complete coverage of the administrative-accounting requirements of the standard.

SAP RE-Fx for IFRS16 allows you to manage all aspects relating to the life cycle of the leasing contract and the calculation and accounting of IFRS16 values, integrating natively with the Finance, Asset and Controlling SAP modules, thus guaranteeing complete integration and centralization of the process.

Thanks to the experience gained in numerous implementation projects of the SAP Real Estate Flexible solution for the management of the IFRS16 accounting standard, Qintesi has developed a design and implementation approach that allows to:

  • reduce project times by 30%
  • contain implementation costs

The benefits of the Qintesi design approach, already obtained by many customers, are assured:

  • by strong consolidated experience on the module and on the topic
  • by specific guidelines prepared by the Qintesi team for the definition of the analyzes
  • by using SAP best practices
  • by using assets and accelerators prepared by Qintesi for the various project phases

The high design standards implemented by Qintesi guarantee the achievement of the objectives with certain times and costs and the complete functional coverage of the accounting principle.


The international standard IFRS17 represents a unique opportunity to rethink and revolutionize insurance accounting, introducing a new accounting approach for the evaluation and reporting of insurance contracts with strong impacts at the level of processes, IT systems and business.

SAP S/4HANA for financial products subledger (SAP FPSL) constitutes the multi GAAP, multi-layer solution based on a simplified system designed for large volumes of data on HANA technology for the management of the processes envisaged by the new accounting standard, natively integrated with SAP solutions for general accounting, planning and consolidated financial statements.

Our implementation offer is based, in addition to the experience gained in numerous implementation projects, on the use of best practices and methodologies for greater awareness of the “to-be” solution and immediate feedback on adherence to specifications:

  • demo systems to support analysis meetings;
  • enabling workshops with Use Cases on the measurement models provided for by the IFRS17 accounting standard;
  • template to support the definition of requirements;
  • IFRS17 planning model developed in collaboration with an actuarial firm;
  • analysis and implementation of interfaces based on the “Business Logic Rules” model, according to paradigms used in the BI area and known to the business and IT functions;
  • optimal use of ETL functionalities for data extraction, transformation and quality control.

Our offer is completed by the skills for the implementation of SAP modules for the definition of a SAP IFRS17 IT architecture (data governance, reporting, planning, automation of closing processes, etc.):

  • SAP Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM)
  • SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC)
  • SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
  • SAP Disclosure Management (DM)
  • SAP Financial Closing Cockpit (FCC)

Real Estate Cockpit with SAC

Real Estate Cockpit was designed by Qintesi to support real estate companies in their analysis of rental and restructuring activities of their assets.

This solution, thanks to the flexibility of SAP Analytics Cloud, integrates perfectly both with the RE-Fx module of SAP S/4HANA and with non-SAP sources containing real estate market data.

Qintesi releases to the customer a catalog of graphic dashboards that explore the following issues:

  • Rent Roll: overview of rental performance, rental and surface area monitoring.
  • Cost & Revenue: analysis of profitability and control of performance indicators.
  • Cost Controlling: in-depth analysis of internal orders relating to properties.
  • Building Manager Monitor: preventive and final analysis of the budget for each real estate site.

This solution, through the monitoring of KPIs, supports customers in identifying where to increase rental attractiveness, reducing costs and in perceiving any management and income anomalies quickly.

Real Estate Cockpit improves the user experience thanks to its user-friendly interface and usability on mobile devices, which is why it is highly appreciated by the real estate companies in which Qintesi has implemented it.

SAC for Strategic Treasury

SAC for Strategic Treasury aims at promptly responding to the needs of customers who want an advanced reporting book in the treasury field.

Through SAP Analytics Cloud, the customer will have access to a dashboarding tool in which a series of graphic reports relating to the following topics will be implemented:

  • Treasury Master Data: overview of bank details, analysis of open, active and never moved current accounts.
  • Liquidity Overview: distribution of liquidity by geographical area, bank and currency and a further analysis of both bank and intercompany balances.
  • Cash Flow Analysis: visualization of the movements, by financial nature, of both the cash pooling accounts and the non-cash pooling accounts, divided into income and expenses.
  • Bank Relationship: analysis of payments by amount, number, current account, method, currency and bank institution.

This solution is characterized by limited delivery times, a user-friendly interface and the ability to provide access to content even from mobile devices, both Android and iOS.

The Strategic Treasury has been successfully implemented by Qintesi in companies in various sectors, highlighting an improvement in the quality of data analysis and an optimization of reporting times.

QI Role Builder

Qintesi Role Builder is a tool developed by Qintesi with the aim of simplifying the management of roles and authorizations in SAP, adopting a “Business Oriented” approach.

Through our tool it will be possible to design roles consistent with organizational and corporate security logics; specifically, a methodology with the following characteristics will be implemented:

Creation of roles starting from the activities of a process through the concept of Business Role
The roles can be constructed as a simple association of activities, in the same way as a job description. The Role Builder will take care of assigning the associated transactions and the related authorization objects.

Organizational aggregate
Following an analysis of the objects and related field values ​​actually used, the related information will be aggregated by linking it to company organizational positions or groupings of the same. Therefore, each user, through their corporate organizational position, will be authorized to certain companies, divisions, release codes, etc.

Technical role
The intersection between the information present in the roles and the permissions contained in the Aggregates will determine the role that can actually be assigned to the users of a specific company function. The Technical Roles will update automatically with each variation of the connected Business Role and/or the related Aggregate.

The Role Builder integrates and completes the standard functions, allowing you to have a tool capable of designing roles from a business perspective with the guarantee of the highest degree of security and compliance in the field of SOD, GDPR and ITCP.

QI Data Privacy

QI Data Privacy is the tool developed by Qintesi to integrate the SAP offer in the Data Protection area. It manages data discovery and the data anonymization process in SAP systems, both from a GDPR perspective and for any other need in the privacy field. In particular, QI Data Privacy supports the following features: 

Data Discovery
It identifies data in SAP systems, suggesting any tables/data elements/domains to be considered in the analysis.

Retention policy management
It allows you to define retention rules that can be customized on the basis of a time date (e.g. Business partner without handling for a certain number of years), external inputs (e.g. ID number, policy number, supplier code) or through rules complex (e.g. combination of date and time, external inputs and enhancement of certain fields). Each rule can be assigned to a single system, field, field category or combination thereof.

Scrambling and Anonymization 
It manages the anonymization of data in SAP ensuring, where possible, the referential integrity of the same. The tool supports various anonymization algorithms as well as real scrambling models, with the possibility of leaving any analysis and reporting dimensions unchanged (e.g. geographical area of ​​origin). The solution is also designed to manage adequate reporting and an iterative workflow, with customizable approval levels, necessary before anonymizing the actual data, and with the support of temporary rollback functions with AES 256 encryption systems.

QI Cybersecurity Cockpit

Qintesi has developed a Cybersecurity Cockpit with the aim of intercepting any security issues in real time (e.g. assigning critical permissions, changing system parameters, creating Remote Function Calls, etc.) and supporting the determination of appropriate protection measures in order to provide an overview of the security level of the applications that characterize the entire SAP architecture.

Through the Cybersecurity Cockpit, the customer always has all SAP systems under control and, in case of criticality, is sure to promptly identify it and manage it efficiently, through an iterative process that includes the following phases: 

  • Cyber ​​Security Analysis with possible identification of the Security Issue
  • Report to the control/system owner
  • Definition of a corrective action
  • Monitoring of any remedial plan and new Cyber ​​Security Analysis


The QI Cybersecurity Cockpit guarantees customers the highest level of control and efficiency in managing the security of SAP systems.

Electronic invoicing

Qintesi has developed a high level of expertise in the field of electronic invoicing thanks to numerous implementation projects on the SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA system.

On the basis of the requirements and characteristics of each customer, it is the ideal partner to identify and implement the best solution, with the aim of exploiting the mandatory requirements provided for by the legislation also to optimize, centralize and automate the existing accounting processes relating to the active cycle, passive cycle and self-billing/integrations.

The SAP solution (eDocument Processing with SAP Cloud Platform Integration/Integration Suite) offers considerable potential and allows complete end-to-end integration with the external systems of the authorities and in particular for the Italian legislation with the Interchange System (ES).

Qintesi, based on the needs of each customer, proposes a design approach aimed at centralizing and contextualizing the accounting flows in place in such a way as to simplify and facilitate the implementation of automatic accounting flows, optimize the operations of users with the reduction of recording latency times and of errors.

VAT Group

Qintesi offers its customers a specific solution for the creation and management of the VAT Group.

This consists in the possibility, for client companies, of incorporating a VAT Group, within which all transactions relating to the sale of goods and the provision of intra-group services are not relevant for the purposes of applying VAT. At the same time, the operations of a subject that is a member of the VAT Group are considered to have been carried out by the VAT Group itself. This entails a significant economic advantage for the companies belonging to the Group.

The solution is implemented on SAP Business Technology Platform and is characterized by a user experience based on FIORI/UI5. Through this “VAT Group” portal, client companies can manage all the fundamental aspects of managing VAT registers, e.g. Settlements (monthly or periodic), internal compensation relating to VAT payments, Esterometer Management, Pro Rata and finally, the electronic (and direct) submission of the annual return of all the companies belonging to the Group.

Qintesi guarantees customers the constant evolution of the solution in line with the innovations for the VAT Group legislation.

Moreover, we are able to develop, upon customer request, specific add-ons capable of fully satisfying further specific requirements relating to VAT management even if not directly governed by tax legislation.

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