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Development of an application for the management of VAT deductions on Real Estate


An important insurance group, as part of an evolution program of its application platform aimed at the adoption of technological and application innovations, has decided to launch a new project initiative to develop the tool to support the management process of determining VAT deductions on Real Estate. The request refers to the deduction of maintenance costs in reference to the adjustments of the VAT deduction: Article 187 of the VAT Directive November 28, 2006, n. 2006/112/EC identifies a minimum period of five years for the adjustment of the deduction which, for capital goods, can be extended by the Member States up to twenty years.

The intent of this evolution is to create applications that allow:

  • the acquisition of property data from heterogeneous systems (SAP and no SAP)
  • the management and calculation of adjustments based on the operating limitations provided for by art. 19 of the Presidential Decree n. 633/1972
  • the possibility of carrying out simulations and what-if scenarios (e.g. sale of an asset, acquisition, change of nature, etc.)
  • the use of operational reporting that allows for the timely verification of the data relating to the properties and the operations carried out over the years.



The Qintesi Working Group has created a system of Cloud apps developed on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) that allow to carry out all the activities required for the management of the calculation of VAT deductions pursuant to Article 19bis.

The solution integrates applications that manage two different types of information: in fact, applications are released that are useful for the acquisition and updating of Capex incremental expenses (acquisition that can take place from SAP or non-SAP systems); applications are also released that are useful for the acquisition and updating of management information relating to the assets (information relating to recorded sales, changes in size, change in intended use).

The integration of the two types of information provides the database for the automatic, simulated and repetitive calculation of VAT adjustments. The solution makes it possible to historicize the result obtained (calculation paragraph 4/paragraph 6) for each year of evaluation.

The Fiori user interface allows you to manage all these features in an intuitive way, managing the iterativity of the process if necessary, both for operational and decision-making processes. Finally, the reporting allows you to have an immediate view of the movements of the period and of the history of each asset, both in terms of the Group and the company.



The project was particularly challenging considering the complexity of the issue and the number of processes involved. The moments of confrontation and stimulation with the customer represented a fundamental opportunity for the enhancement of our skills and our know-how and allowed us to create an application immediately applicable in any Italian reality.
Luigi Granitto
Client Account Senior Manager - Qintesi

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