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SAP BP master data management turns into a quick and easy process with SAP Business Technology Platform


Establish a consistent and harmonized master data management strategy across all areas of the organization, integrating customized authorization workflows in both master data creation and modification. The process also needed to simplify enterprise data management, increase information accuracy. Identify a centralized solution that would provide an effective level of automation to capture, control and distribute incoming requests with the ability to reject the wrong ones and allow incomplete requests to be recycled by allowing missing data to be integrated.

Eliminate BP creation/editing requests via word, email or excel that made such a process unreliable generating unnecessary interactions and long wait times for processing the numerous applications


Qintesi, has implemented a centralized app developed on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), but leveraging all authorization roles, SAP BP transaction controls.
The new solution handles the master data creation/editing request in a centralized manner, providing significant time savings and reduced error rates, and making the entire process transparent and easy to manage.
In addition, the new solution will increase the quality of requests and achieve more efficient and timely management of requests.
Based on automatic field precompilation rules, the process has become extremely simple to be able to give users unfamiliar with the SAP BP business the task of requesting the creation/editing of master records; users do not even notice they are using the SAP platform, thanks to the remarkable user-experience gained.



In this project, the challenge was to add an authorization workflow to an already complex process in Unipol regarding Business Partner master records. Thanks to SAP BTP, despite the inherent complexity also due to the number of actors involved, the new process became simpler, faster and with very high data quality. We are very satisfied that we have been able to unleash the added value of SAP BTP: simplifying complex processes, extending "CORE" functionality, integrating heterogeneous systems quickly": all this with a single cloud platform, SAP BTP
Marino Coletta
Client Account Senior Manager

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