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MES at the service of production departments: with SAP MII it is possible


Providing a digital ecosystem that enables the optimisation of business processes by meeting the needs of the various production departments. Overcome the contingency dictated by urgency and embrace a vision to meet an ever-increasing digital need. Providing flexible, scalable systems that can offer a modular approach to various projects.

These are the challenges faced by Scame Parre, a long-established company in Bergamo that offers electronic products for the construction, service and industrial sectors.



After several combined assessment sessions, it was decided to adopt SAP MII as a tool to create the new corporate MES. With its flexibility, full connectivity with the SAP ERP and support of the main communication protocols to the SAP MII was the perfect synthesis of the customer’s needs.

The implementation approach proposed by Qintesi and IT-Link was to identify areas of intervention and establish a medium- to long-term roadmap and then focus on specific needs related to the various production departments in order to achieve concrete results within a few weeks.

Starting with the plastics molding department, where more than 20 presses of different tonnage are in operation, the project was then extended to three other company departments.

Operators are provided with workstations where they can see the orders scheduled at the machining center, consult documentation and process data in real time, make production declarations manually or validate the data acquired automatically from the plants by sending production confirmations in ‘real time’ to SAP.

Each production stoppage is recorded allowing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE); the solution also offers the possibility to collect data from the field for tracking and testing operations.

SAP MII has replaced the different software in the company and has become the only corporate platform for managing these processes.

The ‘agile’ approach followed in the implementation allowed the key users to fulfill the requirements incrementally and to adapt the solution to real needs by making them key players in the realization of the system.

Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes brought to bear by Qintesi and It-Link resources, the customer’s key users found a partner able to fully understand their needs and satisfy their requirements.




“Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes brought to bear by the Qintesi - It-Link resources, we found a partner who was able to quickly grasp our needs. The Agile approach used in the design phase allowed us to create a solution that met the real needs of our operators.”
Claudio Carrara
IT Manager Scame Parre


"Helping the customer simplify the application ecosystem, overcoming end-user fears in adopting new systems, providing a reliable solution that really helps departmental operators. This is the challenge the customer set us and which, after one year, we feel we have overcome.”
Antonio Masseretti
Senior Manager Qintesi

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