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SAP BTP for the realisation of a new Logistics Portal


The aim of the project was focused on innovating the User experience and supporting the Digital transformation processes of a big company in the Transportation & Logistics area. The company’s request was to be able to manage all the Shipping Orders generated by its customers and track the status of all its suppliers’ Freight Orders through  the use of a single web portal that would satisfy the needs of different types of users.



The solution adopted, allowed to integrate in a single portal both the operations of its customers, related to their Shipping Orders, and the operations of its providers consolidating  shipments in their Freight Orders, thanks to the implementation of some web applications in SAP UI5. These solutions are closely interlinked  and allow to minimize redundancies in the management of user controls and of the business objects.

The web applications, available in SAP BTP, were enclosed within a single SAP Card in the SAP Work Zone portal, with the aim of graphically representing at a glance the progress status of Orders in the user’s charge, making up the sole point of access to the functionalities allowed to him. 

Since the portal was to maintain the integration with the system “on-premise” of SAP Transportation Management (TM) of company, the connectivity of the web app with the backend was achieved through the realization of a SAP CAP (Cloud Application Programming Model) Service, that is an  oData service that hat joined the communication:

  • Towards TM’s “on-premise” system, via SAP Gateway, to create and manage orders and business objects
  • To the HANA Cloud database instance to manage users’ as yet unconfirmed orders without impacting the actual data in the backend

In order to monitor the status of each Shipment Order and to know its last known location during transport from the pick-up point to the delivery point, a mobile app was created for drivers using the SAP Mobile Development Kit (MDK) Project, available for download on the various devices (Android / iOS) via SAP Mobile Services. The app allows each driver to manage the Shipment Orders in load, establish where and when the goods were collected, their actual delivery and acquire the recipient’s graphometric signature.



“Qintesi, thanks to the technical development skills acquired in SAP BTP and SAP MDK, supported the company in improving its logistics process, uniting the operations of its customers, suppliers and their drivers in a single web portal, updating the user experience to the latest technologies and maintaining the logic of its consolidated business processes in the backend system.”
Stefano Biasion
Manager - Qintesi

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