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SAP S/4HANA COLLECTION & DISPUTE MANAGEMENT: optimization of debt collection management


A major international client in the steel industry, attentive to cutting-edge solutions and services, expressed the need to converge the processes of debt collection, dispute creation and improvement of existing processes in credit management into a single SAP S/4HANA system. 

Thanks to the integration process between the Accounting and Collection & Dispute Management module of SAP S/4HANA, it was possible to monitor credit or default risk exposure in real time by implementing timely debt collection actions..



Depending on the requirements and the implemented processes, the project activities took place in different functional areas and in different Roll Out phases: 

  • Collection Management;
  • Dispute Management;
  • Data Migration; 
  • Master Data and Insurance Data Integration; 
  • Case Management;
  • Reporting. 

The project approach proposed and pursued was the Qintesi Template, which consists of using as a starting point a design of the target solution, which fruits SAP Best Practice content supplemented by Qintesi add-ons, matured over the years. Specifically, the first phase focused on the presentation of prototypes for different functional areas, in which the project objective was broken down to: 

  • Optimize collection and dispute management processes through the activation of the Collection and Dispute Management modules.
  • Increase the level of automation between customer accounting and collection & dispute management; 
  • Define Gaap requirements.

Subsequently, project activities were carried out in several stages with the following objectives:

  • Consolidate Collection & Dispute processes for the target company applied by the system against the needs of Business users;
  • Expand the functionality of Credit Management processes already in place, such as Overdraft Management, KPIs and Case Management; 
  • Start the Roll Out phase for group companies; 
  • Migrate data from the old debt collection system into SAPS/4HANA Collection & Dispute through Qintesi tools; 
  • Make reporting tools available with introduction of KPIs, activation of Fiori Standard APP and development of customized reporting.



One of the main challenges clients face in the current economic environment is credit and default risk management. Qintesi's experience on credit recovery and management processes has enabled clients to improve quality by providing them with effective tools to be able to govern and monitor their credit situation.
Elisabetta De Cata
Project Leader, Qintesi

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