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Integrated Exchange Risk Management with SAP Solutions: Hedge Management Cockpit


The customer, an industrial group specializing in the commercial refrigeration sector, during the digital transformation path of their applications expressed the need to identify a solution to manage the exchange rate risk efficiently. In the globalized market environment in which it operates, it becomes a decisive factor for the Group’s financial strength. In particular, the client required a platform that facilitated decision-making processes and had: reliable real-time data to analyse foreign currency exposures, the risks arising therefrom, and integration with the transactional system to hedge them.


The dedicated Qintesi team followed a design approach in which the use of standard SAP functionality was maintained while making the necessary adaptations to the current architectural landscape. The latter requires integration with external systems that carry information relevant to the process at hand. The implemented solution allowed the client to have a single platform to manage the exchange risk management processes; an end-to-end solution that starts from the measurement of exchange risk exposure and ends to the hedging of it, thanks to the implementation and integration of the individual solution components:

  • SAP Exposure Management 2.0 for the collection and exposures management, the standard functionalities
  • Treasury & Risk Management for the Forex components
  • SAP Hedge Management Cockpit for the integrated management of all information collected


The process starts with the collection of exposures from SAP and non-SAP systems into a flexible database with standard SAP Exposure Management 2.0 functionality. The solution allows flexible categorisation and aggregation of data to manage individual forecast and actual risks and to have a consolidated management of exposures: risk type, currency, period, customized properties.

The informations collected are natively integrated into  Hedge Management Cockpit di SAP tool, with the hedging transactions (Forex contracts) already included in the SAP Treasury & Risk Management solution.

The solution:

  • Provides an overview of the group’s currency exposures of the corresponding hedging instruments and hedging relationships
  • It allows different layouts to be managed with reuse for different coverage areas.
  • Supports drill-down from the highest aggregation level individual exposures or hedges
  •  Facilitates the creation of hedging requests with a direct link to Forex transactions



“The automation of processes for collecting foreign currency exposures and the digital management of information has generated immediate benefits on the business with a simplification of activities and greater timeliness in the retrieval of information. The reduction of low value-added activities has freed up resources that can be dedicated to data analysis rather than data construction”.
Massimo Zigoni
Senior Manager, Qintesi

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    SAP Treasury & Risk Management

    SAP Exposure Management 2.0

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