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Approving payment orders on the go and securely with SAP Bank Communication Management and SAP Business Technology Platform


A leading company operating in Italy in the large-scale retail sector has started a process of digital transformation of the process of approving payment orders to suppliers and employees with great attention to compliance with cybersecurity standards and operational risk management. Qintesi has formulated a proposal for intervention based on its specialized skills on treasury processes implemented with SAP solutions and secure management of connections with banking counterparties.



Based on the business requirements formulated by the Customer, the Qintesi Team took care of:

  • Implementing the SAP Bank Communication Management module for managing the payment authorization workflow;
  • Implementing the “Option for multisystem payment consolidation” add-on to integrate payments relating to personnel within the BCM;
  • Satisfying the binding requirements in terms of IT security, with particular attention to integration with the service already used by the Customer in other implementations which allows the use of a “double authentication factor”;
  • Carrying out IT security tests (Penetration & Vulnerability test and secure code review) on the application developed and released on the SAP Business Technology Platform.


The SAP Bank Communication Management module has been activated for payments from:

  • Accounts Payable, SAP FI-AP module
  • Bank accounting. SAP FI-BL module
  • Employee accounting, SAP HR module, installed on a dedicated environment.


The solution proposed by Qintesi allowed the customer to group payments according to homogeneous analysis dimensions within a payment monitor that acts as a centralized hub for payment orders. This solution, in addition to making it possible to constantly monitor payments, allows corporate attorneys to approve / reject payments according to their powers of signature. This activity is supported both by the standard SAP Bank Communication Management functions and by the special “Manage Payments” custom App, developed by Qintesi and released on SAP BTP which allows you to perform transactions on the go and uses an adapted 2-factor authentication service to the Customer’s requirements.

The application was also subjected to Cybersecurity tests (Penetration & Vulnerability test and secure code review) by a Qintesi Partner among the main players in the field of IT security, with the aim of guaranteeing high security standards.



Qintesi, thanks to the technical development skills in the SAP BTP area and the functional skills in the Treasury area, supported the Customer in the digital transformation activities of the process relating to the provisions of bank payments.
Stefania Marra
Senior Manager - Qintesi

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