Qintesi is Google Cloud Partner: within its value proposition, it offers the best solutions for integrating services and applications on Google Cloud Platform.
Qintesi is able to support its Clients in the Digital Transformation, taking advantage of all the benefits of the Cloud.

Qintesi has joined the Partner Advantage program, undertaking a path of specialization and certification, which has the ultimate goal of transferring more and more value thanks to the Data Analytics, Machine Learning, replatforming and Cloud Migration solutions.

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Google Data Platform

Data Architectures to support advanced analysis on Big Data.

ML & AI in the Cloud

State-of-the-art models in real time predictive analysis that exploit the computing power of the Cloud

SAP on Google Cloud Platform

Assessment, design and migration of Landscape SAP on Google Cloud Platform, in total safety and reliability, reducing costs and time

Cloud Migration

Migration Services for VMs, apps, databases and more