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SAP S/4HANA on GCP e SAP BTP: harmonization and digitalization of business processes with BTP and Fiori APPs


The Client involved us in a complex project aimed at harmonizing the processes of business realities that differ in business model and operating methods. In particular, we were asked to provide adequate technological support in order to convey the recently introduced organizational change. The use of SAP BTP and Fiori APPs helped to improve the efficiency and fluidity of some critical processes. The tight project time frame represents an important challenge, but the use of standard migration tools, introduced by recent versions of SAP S/4HANA, was a real turning point making the data migration steps more efficient.



The solution introduced covered several application areas:

Finance & Controlling

The Finance & Controlling area was the driving force behind the project. Fast Closing was the real goal from which to design, harmonize and streamline Business processes.

Maintenance – SAP PM

Field maintenance processes of Energy and Gas distribution networks and plants were managed with web applications developed in SAP BTP. This allowed real time reporting of the work performed by operators on the plants. The use of Entry Service Sheet allowed constant updating of Accounting and Controlling.

A second application allowed the assignment of work to operators in the field. Through a calendar that made all appointments visible, it was possible to optimize the planning of routes and interventions.

Finally, the introduction of a Predictive Maintenance Tool made it possible, through appropriate algorithms, to generate alerts of possible future plant failures.

Passive Cycle – Purchasing

On the Passive Cycle side, the introduction of a new APP helped support organizational changes, facilitating and smoothing the process of authorizing Purchase Requests. Authorization operations, managed through the assignment of “Tasks,” allowed users to focus directly on the purchase request to be authorized. The authorization request, notified to the authorizing party, is then accepted through a special APP, which can also be used from smartphones.

The use of the main Fiori APPs (e.g., Purchase Request creation, analytical APPs to support managerial needs) has helped to make users’ daily operations more efficient.



The renewal, streamlining and harmonization process undergone by the individual companies on the different systems led to improvements in the timing, technologies and methodologies used by the client. The result was a single system with smart functionality and faster processes that enhances synergies and standardization, consistent with corporate group goals.
Anita Valeri
Client Account Senior Manager - Qintesi

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