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The management and claims settlement processes in SAP FSCD


Our customer, operating in the insurance sector, expressed the following needs:

  • To centralize and streamline the systems responsible for the administrative management of technical processes.
  • To streamline the Data Collection process and govern the flows between technical systems, accounting environment, Data Warehouses and other Reporting systems.
  • To increase the Data Quality level.
  • To standardize the data model and the transactional functionalities of technical processes, also in a perspective of using a structured Treasury system and in view of the adoption of IFRS17.
  • To expand the functional scope of SAP FS-CD (already in use in other management areas), to exploit its potential.



The solution proposed by Qintesi led to managing all the claims-related processes in SAP FS-CD, starting from a model (Baseline Qintesi) which is the result of the experience gained in implementation projects conducted at the main Italian insurance companies. In summary:

  • A data model has been defined to standardize the information coming from the different technical conferring systems.
  • All the interfaces necessary for the dialogue between the technical systems and SAP FS-CD were designed and implemented.
  • The personal data (subjects and objects of claim type) were managed through the management functions of the Business Partners and the Insurance Objects of SAP FS-CD.
  • Technical loads were acquired and recorded from claims systems (including pre-calculated lump sums and debit lump sum payments).
  • Payment requests were produced and managed through the automatic payment processing and related payment methods of SAP FS-CD.
  • Transfers and cancellations were also handled through the standard transfer transactions of SAP FS-CD documents.
  • Relevant information for the production of stamped records was returned to the technical system via an integration stream outgoing from SAP FS-CD.
  • The Settlement Expenses were managed by acquiring the accounting movements relating to the technical charges through the functionality of SAP FS-CD on the individual professional (Business Partner) and reconciliation, via transitory, in SAP FI, ​​of the technical charges transferred by SAP FSCD and of the parcels registered in SAP FI.
  • Reporting was managed using standard SAP FS-CD tools (operational reports) and through the model proposed by Qintesi for management reporting, which is based on the Data Warehouse BW.



The adoption of the Qintesi Baseline model, elaborated as a synthesis of our design experiences, has allowed us to optimize project timescales and to propose a solid and reliable solution to the customer.
Andrea Barbarelli
Client Account Senior Manager - Qintesi

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