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Qintesi new headquarters were inaugurated at the Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo

On September 26 2022, the inauguration event of the new Qintesi headquarters was held at the Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo.

For the new headquarters, already operational for a few months, a large and bright space was chosen, with a modern design and able to accommodate the numerous colleagues who are joining the Bergamo team day after day.

Guests of the event were not only all the employees of the headquarters, but also some customers and the board of auditors of Qintesi.

The event was not only an opportunity to visit the new headquarters and to celebrate this event together, but also saw important moments such as the round table, moderated by the deputy editor-in-chief of SEESAB – Eco di Bergamo Bruno Bonassi, on the theme “Innovation and Sustainability: interpreting this combination to foster development” in which took part:

  • Cristina Bombassei, Chief CSR Officer, Brembo Group
  • Valentina Montanari, Group CFO at FNM S.p.A. (Ferrovie Nord Milano Group)
  • Luigi Riva, President of Assoconsult, President of Strategic Management Partners
  • Dario Tognazzi, President of the Innovative and Technological Services group (SIT) of Confindustria Bergamo, CEO of Centax
  • Angelo Amaglio, President of Qintesi

The speakers had the opportunity to discuss important topical issues: from how the concept of sustainability is understood by a large company, such as Brembo, to how digitization affects sustainable mobility, which is fundamental for the Ferrovie Nord Group. We discussed the level of sustainability for the realities of the Bergamo fabric characterized by small-medium enterprises but also how the IT figure must have key skills to cope with sustainable innovation.

Finally, the widespread territorial strategy launched by Qintesi was highlighted which, on the one hand, has recently settled in the Technological Pole of the Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo but, at the same time, is present in territories located throughout Italy: Milan, Marcon (VE), Brescia, Mantua and Rome.

Finally, an article on this significant event was published in L’Eco di Bergamo, entitled “For companies innovation and digital now arm in arm with sustainability“. It is possible to read it here.

Qintesi therefore thanks all the participants in the inauguration, for having lived with us this moment of celebration of the continuous growth of the company and of sharing with all our colleagues!

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