SAP Landscape Transformation & Optimization

Qintesi relies on a team of certified consultants who are expert in the design and construction of technological infrastructures that can meet the needs of customers to transform and/or optimize their SAP landscape.

Our professionals support clients in the design of each type of infrastructure intended for SAP applications, providing complete solutions and an exhaustive service that ensures the supervision of all the relevant aspects in the design of an infrastructure: the design of the architecture, the sizing of the individual components, solutions for high reliability and disaster recovery, backup strategies.

The Qintesi Team, Google Cloud partner, is able to provide an integrated service aimed at the transition of its “on premise” infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform which includes all project activities and, if required, a monitoring and management continuous service of the infrastructure.

SAP on Google Cloud Platform

Assessment, design and migration of Landscape SAP on Google Cloud Platform, in total safety and reliability, reducing costs and time.

Application Upgrade / SAP HANA Adoption

Development of infrastructure and application platforms for the adoption of SAP HANA database.

Cloud Migration

Migration Services for VMs, apps, databases and more