Qintesi supports insurance companies in the introduction of the IFRS 17 accounting standard

The new international standard IFRS 17 represents the accounting principle that insurance companies must adopt starting from January 1, 2022, to replace the previous IFRS 4. To meet new demands of the IT applications market in support of processes in the Finance area, Qintesi has been addressing this issue for over two years. Strengthened by its leadership in SAP applications for the insurance market, Qintesi has followed all the regulatory updates that have occurred over time, and has developed expertise on SAP systems to support the management of the IFRS 17 standard; in this case SAP Insurance Analyzer and SAP FPSL (Financial Products SubLedger). To bring specific added value to customers in the Insurance sector, Qintesi has also set up a specific internal “laboratory”, involving the most experienced colleagues in the Insurance area, which had the aim of developing knowledge on SAP applications and seeking an innovative approach in order to exploit the potential of applications, reducing project risks.

Find out more details in the Press Release published by Data Manager.

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