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“Cloud to be different”: the Qintesi event at Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo

Qintesi organized the event entitled “Cloud to be different – ​​​​Digital transformation: how to exploit the potential of SAP cloud solutions”. The working afternoon, which took place on June 27th in Bergamo, at the Kilometro Rosso where the company has its registered office, represented an excellent opportunity for local companies to meet and discuss with Qintesi experts, with SAP Italia on topics concerning innovation, digital transformation and sustainability.

The aim of the meeting was to “stimulate awareness of the application solutions available and how to respond to some priority needs of companies, also through the voice of an enlightened entrepreneur” announces Angelo Amaglio, President of Qintesi, at the beginning, referring to the participation of Scame Parre, a leading company that produces components and systems for electrical systems and electric mobility, with roots in Parre, in the province of Bergamo. An innovative and forerunner that has successfully embarked on a digitization process, brought to the attention through the story of its CEO, Stefano Scainelli, and its IT Manager, Claudio Carrara.

During the event there were presentations by the CEO Alberto Pogna, by Luca Gaietta, Partner, by the representatives of SAP Italia Fabrizio Moneta, Regional Sales Director – Head of Mid Market and Channel and Giacomo Coppi, Head of Digital Supply Chain and Manufacturing for Italy.

The agenda addressed a variety of topics, such as the generation of value from the adoption of SAP S/4HANA and the roadmap towards technological innovation and digital transformation; two elements which, according to Pogna’s words, are “strong points of SAP which has always been able to combine these two needs, providing solutions that help companies in their transformation processes.”

Particularly significant was the focus on sustainable production with SAP Digital Manufacturing and, more generally, on the theme of Sustainability which – says Moneta – means three things: “a theme of governance and reporting that serves to respond to those who request sustainability; sustainability is then linked to raising capital as banks need these reports; but, especially from a future point of view, it is an element of competitiveness. So using elements of sustainability throughout the process chain is essential.

Marco Pavanello and Gianfranco Vallese, respectively CSR Manager and Client Account Executive of Qintesi, then deepened this issue from the point of view of compliance and technological solutions available for companies to be able to respond to this new priority. As Vallese states “the term ESG today indicates a new strategy that can not only consider profitability and financial aspects but also a different perspective where there is a plurality of subjects (stakeholders) that make up the ecosystem in which moves the company. We have to think of a strategy that also considers customers, suppliers and the communities towards which the company generates value. Two perspectives must cross: that of the inside-out vision, i.e. what my goals are as a company, with the outside-in perception, i.e. the way in which the plurality of subjects see me and the way in which they also manage to evaluate my positioning.

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