Risk & Compliance

We design and prepare models for assessing administrative and operational risk in accordance with the provisions of Law 262/2005 and the Solvency II Directive, organizational and assessment models in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/2001 and the new GDPR regulations. In addition,we implement all the modules that characterize the SAP offering in Governance Risk and Compliance, Cyber Security and Data Protection

Financial reporting risk management

Process mapping, definition of monitoring model, and support for the assessment of risks and controls.

Data protection & cyber security

Data Protection models and implementation of applications in the Security area.

Organisational & operational risk management

Definition of operational risk management model, segregation of duties matrices and implementation of applications to support the internal control system.

Data quality management

Data governance models and data compliance control and monitoring models.

Accounting Model Review

Review of accounting models and supporting applications, adaptation of processes with a view to fast closing, analysis and evaluation of administrative processes.

Accounting Model Adjustment for Gaap Compliance

Adjustment of accounting processes and procedures according to new industry standards and regulations.