The Operations Unit Team supports customers in the design and implementation of reliable and innovative SAP solutions to support procurement, sales & distribution, operations and manufacturing processes.

Qintesi has also developed skills on real estate management processes using SAP Real Estate solutions on projects of any size in national and international contexts.

We have strong references in the implementation of the SAP RE-FX solution for the management of accounting standard IFRS 16, which includes the management of leasing contracts, the configuration of conditions and information necessary for evaluations, and the definition of the rules for the automatic recording of accounting entries.

We have strengthened our skills on latest SAP software solutions for Digital Manufacturing and IoT, proposing ourselves as partner of manufacturing companies which are going to implement digital transformation programs and initiatives that leverage Lean Production and Industry 4.0 methodologies and best practice.

We have consolidated our skills on the latest SAP solutions in the Cloud environment: SAP Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) and SAP Cloud for Real Estate (C4RE).

We provide our customers with tools for managing the purchasing and handling processes of goods “on the move” (App on smartphones and tablets).

Procurement &
Warehouse Management

Design and implementation of solutions for the management of purchasing processes, goods movement, inventory and warehouse management.

Sales and Distribution

Design and implementation of solutions for the management of the shipping, billing, sale and transport processes of a company's products and services


Automation of maintenance processes with integrated solutions and with Digital Transformation projects.

Real Estate Management

Optimization of the management of properties and leases, and the configuration of the specific SAP RE-FX solution in compliance with IFRS 16.


Design and implementation of innovative solutions for manufacturing companies leveraging Industry 4.0 best practices and enabler technologies