The mission of the Unit Insurance unit is the provision of services for implementing SAP “vertical” solutions for customers in the insurance sector. Both the high quality and experience of our consultants and numerous successful projects have allowed us to achieve the SAP Recognized Expertise Insurance (SAP REX Insurance) as first in Italy. We have gained significant experience in the design and implementation of SAP application components to support strategic planning, administrative and financial processes, compliance with regulatory and supervisory requirements, industrial and agency accounting, technical-insurance reporting and analysis of multidimensional profitability, even in extreme detail.

The skills acquired in over twenty years of experience with leading Italian insurance companies and a constant update on regulatory and technological innovations allow us to provide our customers with constant and effective support and innovative solutions, that are constantly updated with respect to regulatory developments.

We have developed “QI Insurance Template”, a “best practices” model for an insurance company based on SAP application solutions to support processes in Finance and Insurance Business Intelligence, which accelerates the analysis phase, reduces implementation risks and guarantees reliable results with competitive costs.

General Ledger and Budget

General Ledger process management with a multi-gap accounting model enriched with all the insurance dimensions relevant to the financial statements, explanatory notes and supervisory forms.

Technical account and "Agency Collection"

Management of detailed transactions relating to premiums, claims, reinsurance, reserves and reconciliation of directional receipts, and Agency cash sheets with a multidimensional data model


Adoption of the new international accounting standards for the management of insurance contracts with the latest application solutions.

Solvency II

Adaptation of the Disclosure Management system to the continuous evolution of Solvency II supervision, in a timely and accurate manner with an auditable and highly automated solution

Performance Management

Analysis of the company's performance through advanced tools for allocation, simulation, statistical analysis, performance analysis on multidimensional and detailed data models.

Insurance Business Intelligence

Analysis of data relating to premium income, claims management, reinsurance, financial flows, and the activities of Agencies

Group Closing and Consolidation

Acquisition of reporting packages from Group companies, data normalization, adjustments and additions, adjustment to IFRS accounting standards, automation of Consolidation and Disclosure.


Support for strategic planning, preparation of the Budget and Forecast with collaborative tools and structured and automated workflows.

Cash Management

Management of collection and payment transactions of all types, from managerial operations to agency cash sheets, analysis of final and forecast cash flow