Data Integration & Automation

The Qintesi Unit Data Integration & Automation has the “mission” to provide Customers with effective solutions for managing the integration of different SAP and non-SAP application solutions, with the aim of allowing an effective monitoring of flows and a timely detection and error correction, to guarantee the monitoring of the data model and of the related Data Quality

We have the experience and expertise to implement workflows of all complexities to support business processes in various functional areas in order to increase efficiency and enable monitoring of the progress of activities.

We support our Customers in the design and implementation of Master Data Governance systems in order to centralize the monitoring and management of Personal Data.

Data Integration

Integration of information and business processes through systems of process orchestration and integration.

Data Governance

Creation and management of Personal Data in a centralized application which is automatically and securely distributed in all business applications.


Increased productivity and speed of processes through automation governed by Workflow systems