Qintesi is able to deliver a growing range of services: from Cloud Application Extensions to IoT technologies and Machine Learning, all integrated with the SAP platform. As mentioned in the recent press release by Alberto Pogna, CEO of Qintesi, the company has always paid attention to the innovations and technological developments, and is committed to two themes: innovation and quality. These themes are not only found in the ‘agile’ logic of Qintesi design methodologies, but also in the continuous search for improvement through the SAP certifications obtained (SAP Recognized Expertise).
Thanks also to the consolidation of knowledge and skills in the new SCP technologies, Qintesi has succeeded in creating CAE (Cloud Application Extension) applications, capable of developing features and processes that were not previously covered by SAP. These extensions allow the complete management of all application requirements expressed by the customer, exploiting the scalable architecture of the Cloud. The investments made in the development of this new knowledge and skills have enabled Qintesi to become SAP Build Partner, as well as SAP Service Partner, completing a value proposition that ensures high levels of reliability in designing Cloud solutions for all customers.

Find out more details in the Press Release published by Data Manager.

Here are some newspapers that have reported our statement:

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