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Digital transformation and electronic invoicing in SAP


Qintesi has implemented a digital transformation project in the Finance area for a customer operating in the Engineering & Construction sector. Within this project, an electronic invoicing solution was adopted, consistent with the customer’s administrative and accounting processes.

The solution allowed a better management of information flows and the beginning of a more structured “collaboration” between the offices, in compliance with the regulatory obligation required by electronic invoicing.



At the customer, operating in the Engineering & Construction sector, a solution, that allows the integration of all the flows connected to the active cycle and the passive cycle, has been contextualised, in compliance with the specificities of administrative processes and procedures.

The initial analysis phase is followed by:

  • the adoption of the electronic invoicing platform
  • the accreditation of a proprietary FTP channel
  • the integration of an electronic signature system
  • the creation of a documentary collaborative platform
  • the integration of flows towards the substitutive conservation (according to law)



The launch of the digital transformation in the Finance area allowed the customer to improve administrative processes and communication flows between the offices, in compliance with the new regulatory requirements introduced by electronic invoicing.
Daniele Gozzo
Partner - Qintesi

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