Profitability of life insurance products


The increasing complexity of the market, both in terms of competition and regulation, requires insurance companies to improve their ability to analyse the profitability of their products in order to better understand the link between business and financial parameters based on common tools, methodologies and drivers.


To address this challenge, improving the profitability analysis of life products, it was necessary both to define a logical model of reference shared between the various business functions, and to manage the individual processing steps in a structured manner, ensuring a complete auditability of the model.

This was possible by developing SAP Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM) solution capable of:

  • Managing a high level of granularity of information (single policy)
  • Integrating and enriching different databases from accounting, actuarial and portfolio systems, guaranteeing their balance and quality
  • Calculating and allocating in detail, and with complex drivers, all the information for which the minimum analysis detail is not native

The final result was the creation of a historicised multi-dimensional database in which the accounting, management and actuarial flows are linked to the single policy in order to allow complete transparency and traceability of the information. Furthermore, the minimum level of detail allowed the integration of all the significant and necessary attributes to support analysis at different levels of aggregation.


  • Implementation of a structured IT process
  • Integration and normalization of different data sources in a single environment available to different business functions
  • Assignment of the various flows (accounting, management, actuarial) to the single policies, to provide significant information to assess the margins of the various insurance products
  • Simplification of communication between different business functions by providing a single and shareable database


The technological solution used to support the initiative, SAP Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM), has maximized the use of data, calculations and rules common to the various business areas, ensuring the possibility of having immediate and shareable results.

Mara Slucca
Senior Manager PMP® Certified - Qintesi

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