Qintesi sponsors the 2019 OAD Questionnaire (Digital Attack Observatory in Italy)

Qintesi sponsors for 2019 the research “Digital Attack Observatory in Italy“, an initiative promoted by AIPSI (Italian Association of IT Security Professionals).

The research is based on a questionnaire realized by OAD, the Digital Attacks Observatory, and aimed at analyzing the intentional digital attacks suffered and detected in 2018 by companies, institutions, professional offices of any size and product sector, including the central and local public administrations.

The questionnaire is anonymous and, due to the relative generality of the questions, it is not possible in any way to trace the company/organisation to which it refers.

Qintesi, sponsor of AIPSI and OAD, promotes the compilation of this questionnaire, in order to contribute in this way to the creation of the only web-based survey on digital attacks in Italy.
To fill in the questionnaire and contribute to the initiative please click here.

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