The inauguration of the new Venetian headquarters was held in Marcon on September 19, 2019.
For the new headquarters, already operational for a few months, a large and bright space was chosen, able to accommodate the numerous colleagues who are joining the Marcon team day after day.
Guests of the event were not only all the employees of the Marcon headquarters, but also some Customers, the Qintesi board of auditors, and some city workers, including the Mayor and the Marshal of Carabinieri.
This event was not only an opportunity to visit the new premises and to experience this celebration together, but it was also the scene of important moments such as the ribbon-cutting ceremony and an inaugural speech by the President Angelo Amaglio and the CEO Alberto Pogna.
Qintesi thanks all the participants at the inauguration, for having spent with us this moment both of celebrations of the company’s continuous growth and of sharing with all our colleagues!

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