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Data Platform Framework and Augmented Analytics: solution improvement

Companies today must start thinking of their data as a strategic asset by learning to leverage that data in decision making. Each company must therefore equip itself to collect and manage the large information assets at its disposal, extract value for the business, and quickly transform it into actions.

The “QI Google Cloud Platform” Qi-Lab is the context that can respond to these needs. It is in fact a laboratory aimed at extending, on one hand, the functionalities of the Qintesi solutions for data management (data platform framework) and, on the other, the contents of the offer relating to augmented analytics – through study, tests and prototyping of the new components of the Google Cloud Platform – and the creation, training and optimization of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models.

Thanks to this Lab we are able to significantly reduce the times normally expected for the implementation of Data Platforms, predictive models, and artificial intelligence applications.” said Fabio Faravelli, Executive Head of Unit Analytics & Data Platform at Qintesi.

The skills and experience of the Lab team, made up of 10 certified figures – Cloud Architects, Data Engineers, Data Scientists – allow us to offer innovative and performing solutions,” continues Faravelli. “Furthermore, since Google is a Cloud platform in which costs are calculated on the basis of consumption, Qintesi guarantees the optimal balance between performance and costs with the aim of proposing solutions that satisfy the customer also from a budget point of view.

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