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AIPSI WEBINAR – The importance of Digital Security and Business Continuity in the time of Covid-19

The AIPSI webinar on the Importance of Digital Security and Business Continuity in the time of Covid-19 was held on Wednesday 29 April, which dealt with the ways in which companies/entities have responded to the pandemic through business continuity plans, as well as investigating the tools and digital security levels with which they faced the sudden surge in the use of the Internet to collaborate remotely and for smart working.
Following the presentation by AIPSI on the subject of the webinar, the President of Qintesi Angelo Amaglio spoke at the round table of the participants, telling the Qintesi experience during the coronavirus emergency, with particular focus on the initiatives adopted, such as:

  • The definition of a Business Continuity Team (BCT) for the management of the Coronavirus emergency, that is, a group of contact persons for the various activities;
  • The implementation of smart working for our employees starting from February 24, immediately after the beginning of the emergency in Italy, with the intention of activating a task force to select and propose methods and tools that will become the new corporate standards for the future.

Here is the link of the webinar where you can view the talk by Angelo and all the other participants who have told their experience.

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