SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP FSCM for strategic and operational treasury management


After an initial project to introduce SAP treasury into the company, the Customer, operating in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector, expressed the need to extend its treasury model to its foreign branches, as well as implementing some important functions to strengthen the organization of the centralized treasury model, to increase the level of automation and intelligence in some highly manual processes and to equip itself with a strategic treasury tool for data analysis and decision-making support.


According to the requirements expressed and the objectives declared by the client, Qintesi proposed a modular design approach in three phases.

In the first phase, lasting 3 months, the roll-out of the treasury model for the client company’s foreign country was completed with the activation of the conversation between the accounting back-end in SAP ERP and the Treasury Workstation in SAP S/4HANA.

In this first project phase, the SAP Bank and Communication Management component was also implemented and activated to support the payment authorization process in compliance with the corporate governance model of the Client company.

In phase two of the project, the focus of implementation activities was aimed at operational treasury activities with the aim of increasing the level of effectiveness, efficiency and transparency.


The stated objectives have been pursued by carrying out improvements in the following areas:

  • Master Data
    • Activation of an “embedded” workflow process in Bank & Communication Management for the governance of bank records
    • Distributed management between Treasury Workstation and accounting back-ends of exchange / interest rates
    • Review of the integrated management process of bank master data (Distribution model, country controls and upload batches)
  • Operations
    • Optimization of treasury operations supported by FIORI app and integrated with intercompany flows from IHC
    • Automation of the process of zeroing out intercompany daily balances by currency
    • Enhancement in the Direct Cash Flow process for the optimization of the attribution of financial nature
    • Activation of credit lines in TRM

Once the operational treasury was consolidated, phase 3 of the project was dedicated to the implementation of strategic reporting at the Corporate level, to analyze the main performance indicators for the Group’s treasury area in real time.

The objectives pursued in this phase were:

  • to introduce the use of the SAP Analytics Cloud solution into the group’s SAP ecosystem
  • to equip the Corporate Treasury function with a dashboarding and presentation tool that is able to provide effective “insights” of the performance trend for the area
  • to use the Strategic Treasury dashboards and models implemented on SAC as a native and direct tool for presentation to company management


  • Global treasury model extended to foreign countries
  • Re-engineering and optimization of payment device flows for all countries
  • SAP Bank & Communication Management implemented to support the payment authorization process as required by the corporate governance model
  • Automation and optimization of IHC intercompany processes
  • Implementation of strategic dashboards with SAP Analytics Cloud for data analysis and decision-making support


The added value of the Qintesi experience in the Treasury area, a new really agile methodology and the innovation of the SAP Analytics Cloud solution, have allowed the Customer, in just 3 and a half months, to equip itself with a strategic tool for control and the real-time governance of the dynamics of the Treasury Department at a global level.

Francesco Pelella
Associate Partner - Qintesi

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