Internal control system over non financial statement


An important insurance group has expressed the need to implement the Internal Control System (ICS) to support the predisposition of the non-financial statement (Non Financial Statement), in compliance with the regulatory requirements of Legislative Decree 254/2016, concerning the communication information of a non-financial nature relating to environmental, social, personnel, respect for human rights and the fight against corruption, also on the basis of the provisions of IVASS Regulation 38.


The Qintesi team, after defining in collaboration with the Client the scope of intervention, the relevant non-financial KPIs and the related governance, launched the operational planning to support the CFO area and in coordination with the Corporate Social Responsibility function ( CSR).

In particular, through workshops carried out in the presence of company managers and their delegates, operational risks were identified, processes mapped, risk management key controls identified and described, in order to conduct a control assessment.

Following the analyses conducted, the results of the control assessment in SAP GRC Process Control were formalized, a remediation plan was defined for the detection of gaps and the remedial actions were shared with the respective owners.

Finally, through the preparation of an executive report containing the results of the control assessment, the Qintesi team supported the CFO in carrying out the management review on the consistency of non-financial information, which flow into the Non-Financial Statement.


  • Promptly identified the numerous key controls to support a correct determination of non-financial statement
  • The non-financial culture spread at the company level with a strong involvement of the various figures responsible for the execution of controls
  • Optimized the process of generating non-financial statement in its various articulations and rationalized the procedures according to a self-assessment methodology consistent with the Client's policies


Thanks to the multidisciplinary composition of the Qintesi team, it was possible to provide a high quality delivery according to the articulated and complex structure of the non-financial statement requested by the Client, in compliance with the stringent deadlines for preparing the procedures.

Giuseppe Caniglia
Executive Head of Unit Risk & Compliance - Qintesi

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