Other Partnership

Qintesi is Accredited Partner SUSE, main distributor of the Linux platform, operating system serving the Google Cloud Platform.

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Qintesi is a supporting member of Aused, Association of Systems Users and Information Technologies. Within Aused, Qintesi participates in the GUPS, the association officially recognized by SAP as an Italian User Group. The GUPS is representative of the SAP ecosystem and aims to share information and experiences, mutual support and value creation for business and business innovation from a digital point of view.

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Qintesi is associated with AIPSI, the Italian association of IT security professionals that is part of ISSA, the largest non-profit association of security professionals worldwide. It organizes educational forums, draws up documents and publications, and fosters interaction among various IT security professionals.

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Qintesi is a partner of Your Group, an important Italian company in the sector of professional services to companies, which aims to promote the managerial development of the Italian entrepreneurial system, and to encourage the meeting of all the parties interested in the growth of the Italian production system.

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Qintesi is associated with Confindustria Bergamo, Confcommercio, Asseprim Milano and Ascom Bergamo and is part of the SIT Group – Innovative and Technological Services.